22 January 2010

Talent Down Under

Images courtesy Inside Out and NG Art

Images courtesy of Victoria Reichelt

Images courtesy of Castle

In a few weeks time I'm off to the National Art Gallery to its current the major exhibition, the works from the Musee D'Orsay. I am very excited about once again coming face to face with well known works of Van Gogh, Gaugin and Cezanne.
Today though, I thought I would share with you three of my favourite modern Australian Artists, interestingly they are all women: Victoria Reichelt, Lizzie Buckmaster-Dove and Rachel Castle.
The thing that I love most about the works above is their three dimensional quality. Although Victoria's works, unlike the other artists', are not actually three dimensional, they give that impression and I just love it.
A few of our walls are currently looking for some artwork to fill them and Fand I will be giving each other some of these artists works as gifts this year. I am looking forward to my birthday in November this year!!
What art makes you happy?
Have a happy weekend.


  1. I LOVE the harlequin artwork by Rachel Castle it is amazing isn't it? I saw on her website that you can commission to have one made. Not sure if I will have that much cash to splash but would love to have it in my home! Have a good weekend. J

  2. Our lounge room walls are a bit bare at the moment too and in need of some artwork - I really like the unique artwork of Helen Norton and there are always some great finds on Etsy - one of my faves is Sugarloops print gocco pieces.

  3. great choices of art...and I also put 'I pledge to read printed word 'on my blog, just to remind me of that:) thanks

  4. I love Lizzie Buckmaster Dove too Engracia! But I must admit that all of the artworrk in our home is made by our girls or something we have made together:) I am so envious of your trip to the Musee d'Orsay exhibit, please please post about it:) It was one of our favourite places to visit in Paris, I love its history and adore the Musee d'Orsay clocks :) Hope you are enjoying your weekend - Tina x