15 February 2010

Spending Hiatus - Progress So Far

I'm on day 15 of my hiatus and I'm pleased to say I have not done too badly.

There has been some questionable "essential" spending: I went to the beautician today to get waxed (absolutely essential as far as I am concerned, trust me, especially as we are in the middle of a hot steamy month) and here is where the question mark pops up to get a pedicure!

But in general my spending has been predominantly food, groceries and school items. You will recall from a previous post how I managed to avoid buying a dress that I do not really need. I may yet capitulate though, I just love it so much and it looked so good on me!!

I even managed to avoid spending a single cent for a 5 year old's birthday party. L received a double up of a gift at Christmas (fantastic Djeco origami planes) so I gave his little friend that and then L made a card using paper from the printer and his crayons. Easy and of course this hiatus is also about repurposing what I own already, so I am very pleased I managed to meet that goal.
Finally, and again repurposing what I own, I searched my fabric stash for a piece of vintage linen that my maternal grandmother spun when she was a young mother. Having found the linen I asked my mother to help me make something special for the dining table in the formal dining room. My mother is brilliant at crochet and isn't too bad at embroidery. Mum has a huge stash of crochet and embroidery threads so we were able to find a match for the linen. Together we designed a pattern for the embroidery and the crochet lace and above you see the result.
All said, a very good fortnight.


  1. A spending hiatus is good for the soul I say. Yes we subscribed to the extra Olympic channels too, sitting here watching, blogging, watching! Oh the mens moguls.... spectacular..... so much more so than the womens... so much faster! Enjoy! A-M xx

  2. Congratulations to you Engracia for doing so well!! Your table linen piece is DIVINE!! How incredibly specila that it has been made by three generations of your family (including you), that is an absolutely priceless treasure Engracia! Thank you for sharing :) ~ Tina x

  3. So very beautiful and incredibly special. Just lovely :)

  4. Sounds like it's going well! I went on one about a year ago, and made a "pledge" that I stuck on the fridge. It was a good experience, and definitely taught you to appreciate what you own more.
    Ps. What a beautiful table piece you created with your mom!

  5. Wow you're doing very well with the spending hiatus Engracia! And that is so special that three generations of women have together created someting so beautiful and unique! Janette x