05 February 2010

A Test of My Will

Last year I discovered the world of blogging and was instantly addicted to the smart, witty talented women I came across as I travelled the world from Australia, to the US, Scandinavia and southern Europe.
I have many favourites which you can see from my blogroll. One which instantly captured me was Simple Lovely which I came across when Joslyn was in the middle of a spending hiatus. It was the philosophy behind her hiatus which triggered my interest. It was about appreciating what she owned already and making better use of the things around her and tweaking their usage to freshen them. It made her rethink how she approached acquiring things in her life and how she used them. Joslyn calls it mindful consumption.
The result of her 2 months hiatus was an increase in many of the things she values most in life, creativity, family time, reading, discovery.
Joslyn is doing it again and I've signed up. I started my hiatus on 1st February and have set a goal of not spending on non-essential items for a period of 2 months. This will be a serious test of my will. I am the ultimate consumer an advertisers dream target, I am seduced by pretty packaging, adverts and the lure of having "something new" drives my husband to despair!!!
This post is a way of making me accountable to this goal. I am going to keep you posted on how I'm tracking and I'm going to be honest when I fall off the wagon, like I almost did today when I went to a shop to try on a dress that I saw last Sunday (31st January). I tried it on, it looked great and I even have a dinner I could wear it to in a couple of weeks. I didn't buy it, and I feel pretty good about that.
Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea rather than go to get a coffee from my local cafe.
Have a happy weekend.
Images: mine from my honeymoon in the Maldives. I thought they aptly captured what I am trying to achieve, simplicity in living.


  1. What a great idea. I may think about trying that... after all, things like buying things is just a pointless habit, mostly, so it just requires some discipline. xoxo good luck.

  2. Engracia I applaud you and admire you! I think it is a fantastic challenge and one I am probably already familiar with most months , more out of necessity on one salary than by choice!! I look forward with admiration in following your 2 month journey. So proud of you for already not giving into temptation with that dress - yay you! I am off to have a look at Joslyn's blog. May I say what beautiful photos of the Maldives and yes, very in keeping with this post. Best wishes - Tina x

  3. Good on you darling...I should really be taking a leaf out of yours...or Joslyns book...
    I think you will do a great job of getting through the next two months. I have to say that whilst studying and now only living on one salary...its amazing how much you can adapt, adjust,prioritise, minimise things in your life...and be all the better for it. Good luck with it...do share your progress along the way x

  4. Hooray for you! I finally had the courage to join this year, but have opted not start until next weekend as we're away next week...and... well... ps: eeeep! your honeymoon looks amazing!

  5. pps: I was just going to email you directly re your question - no I'm not pregnant :) Thanks for the congratulations though :)

  6. Hope you're not considering MG dinner in a couple of weeks an non-essential expenditure ;-)

  7. Joslyn was one of my first reads. I did the hiatus last year then extended it. Right now I am in a good place and dont need the hiatus. Have fun!