03 March 2010

A Look Inside

This amazing Parisian home.
One way I keep up with my French is to read French magazines and while reading Marie Claire Maison yesterday, I found this home and fell in love. There is nothing I dislike in it. I love the use of new and old, the colours chosen for the walls and furnishings and especially the industrial elements. In my eyes this home is perfection.
Have a happy day.


  1. What a gorgeou home! Like you Engracia, I really like the use of old with the new. I love the fireplace and ceiling cornices and that cabinet under the stairs is gorgeous!!! Another gorgeous home for me to daydream about!! thanks for sharing Engracia. Have a lovely Wednesday ~ Tina x

  2. A lovely home and the fact that it is in Paris makes it all that more appealing to me :) Love those linen couches and how cool is that magnetic wall in the kids' room!

  3. I am so glad you shared this! It's beautiful, and I just happened to be looking for some French inspiration. So lovely.