05 March 2010

Spending Hiatus - Week Five

I'm doing an early update post because I have been a very. very bad this week, actually all in the last two days.

It all started with a trip to a children's store to look for a lovely baby present for a friend's new born baby girl (who arrived 10 weeks early, so a special gift was called for). There is a lovely store in Sydney's inner west called My Messy Room and I found something gorgeous for baby P and then I saw the lamp above.

It has J's name on it. He loves animals, and his room will eventually be decorated around green and blue (currently a pale yellow, time to get the paint brushes out). J also has a few items in his room which are exactly the same as L, bedding is one and the lamp was the other (picture below is from L's room which has a blue and red theme). I want some individuality to be reflected in their rooms.

So, I bought the lamp which now sits on J's bedside table and the other lamp well, I'll probably recover it and use it elsewhere in the house.

Then today, I went to the local large shopping centre to meet a friend for coffee and while walking around stopped into a store I never go into because I think their clothes are a little frumpy and there was a rack with the sign "Last Items of The Season" which I flicked through and found this pretty top and bought it.

I am going to have extra hard next week to make up for this week.
Have a happy weekend everyone.


  1. Oh you make me giggle Engracia:) I can fully understand why you would 'need' to buy all of these three items, they are all gorgeous:) Just work extra hard next week:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  2. Oh dear :) At least they're all useful items rather than nik-nak-y type things that aren't 'used' if you you know what I mean. Also, if it helps I've not been much better - I hit J Crew yesterday and...well...it wasn't good. And, er, there's been a few other..ahem....purchases this week....

  3. Love the lamp you bought and adore the one with the vehicles on it too. It's funny how you find things you have to have when you aren't specifically looking for them. I find that with clothes, it's usually when I'm in a hurry that I'll find something I have to try on. Great top! :)

  4. Hi again Engracia - I know I have already posted, but just wanted to say I love your fireplace and mantle in the room behind the one in which you are taking your photo:) Also love the wall colour around your fireplace, may I please ask what the wall colour is? Thank you:) Have a lovely weekend ~ Tina xx