07 April 2010

A Look Inside

Something a bit different today to admire and take some inspiration from.  These images are of the interior of Moomah, a cafe and play space in New York.  According to its founder "a place of sweet whimsy, wonder and warmth, Moomah is a creative playscape, a cozy cafe, a quite hideaway, an art oasis, your neighbourhood meeting spot. Your favourite place to be together, and a place for your child to simply be."

There are art and craft supplies, art and craft classes, birthday parties can be hled there and they have a seasonal child friendly menu. It is raining here today, I have two boys home from kindy on holidays, it sounds like the perfect place to be today doesn't it?

From a design perspective, there is so much I can take from this place and use in my home. From the comfy sofas and armchairs, the artwork, the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, Tolix stools and all the vintage industrial furniture. It just makes my heart flutter with excitement!

I hope you like this little visit and have a happy day.

Images: Moomah


  1. This looks like the perfect little place to spend a rainy day :) Sounds fantastic. Enjoy the time with your boys x

  2. Oh I love it! We need something like that around here! Miserable weather isn't it? Love your Easter photos too.

  3. I would love to open a place like this one day!
    A quieter more asthetically pleasing alternative lollypops and Wizzyworld.

    I hope you and your boys enjoy this cozy weather Engracia!


  4. love moomah -- its on my list of must visits for the next visit to ny!

    hope you're well! xx

  5. What an incredibly stylish but also welcoming cafe and play space!! I love it:) I would love to be able to go somewhere where it is obvious little ones are so welcomed!! Thank you for sharing yet another fantastic interior Engracia, I love your posts! Hoping your gorgeous family is enjoying a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  6. Moomah is such an inspiration. Wish we had more places like that near us.

  7. I love that place:) I blogged about it a while ago...and would love to open this here, perhaps one day...very nice new blog template:)

  8. Love Moomah - we visited (and ate there) last week, and yes it's just as good as it looks in the pics. It would be such a fab concept to have in other towns.