13 April 2010

A Look Inside

Brrr, it is cold here this morning, first sign of Autumn (Fall), next the trees will start changing colours into the glorious, golds, oranges and red.

I found this home in New York and I thought it perfectly captured the earthiness of Autumn (Fall): the tan, caramel and green colours in the furniture and furnishings, the coziness of the rooms, the exposed brick walls.  That child's bedroom with the chalkboard, isn't it great.  I also love the artwork taped up on the wall in the dining room.  A truly lovely family home.

The owner Zoe van de Wiele lives above her store Cloth Clothing which has some really yummy things.

Have a happy day.

Images: Flickr


  1. I do love that hanging chair by the bookshelves..could imagine myself settling in there for a good read

  2. I am now envious of this women Zoe Van De Wiele home above her shop. The brick walls are amazing. A dream. Sign.

  3. I am LOVING that house - the bare brick walls, the colour scheme, all of it.

  4. I love this house. So beautiful. Also, wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments on Pure and Noble. So grateful for you. Email me sometime so I have your email and we can chat. Have a lovely day! xo

  5. What a great home - love the way it has oodles of style but feels lived in.

  6. What beautiful interiors. I never liked exposed brick walls inside houses, but these pics have made me change my mind. The texture of the brick adds so much to the spaces. Thanks for posting the pics.