28 April 2010

A Look Inside

Isn't this Parisian apartment just so beautiful? Those floors are just exquisite and the tall windows letting in all that glorious natural light. It just looks like a lovely family home, really lived in with all those books in every nook and crany. I also love the garden just off the living room. A stunning home.

I'm very excited this morning. I'm meeting up with a special lady this afternoon, Janette from My Sweet Prints. I can't wait to meet her and her sweet little boy and swap stories about our lives. It will be a lovely get together.

Have a happy day.

Images: Apartment Therapy


  1. What a beautiful place! I think I could move in there and not want to change a thing!! Enjoy your get-together, so nice you guys live to close to each other :-)

  2. I love that birdcage mounted on the wall. Have a fun afternoon!

  3. Very beautiful. This is what my dream home would be like - lots of windows and little nooks for books + treasures.