23 April 2010

Spending Hiatus - Weeks Ten & Eleven

The last two weeks have been quite busy here at Lynwood Ave, yet I still was able to think about how I was spending my money. It isn't to say that I haven't bought anything but groceries and essentials, I have bought some extras, but these were necessary. 

A new chair for J to sit at the table (if anyone is looking for an IKEA highchair, I've got one I'm happy to sell). J looks like such a little man now, he is so happy sitting alongside his brother having his meals.

In our family room we have a large blank wall over the sofa, that F has been asking to fill with artwork or photos etc. I have resisted until now as the boys love to climb all over the sofa, jump on it, ets. I didn't want tears as a result of falling pictures on little heads (and broken glass of course). So on Wednesday whilst at IKEA buying J's new chair, I stocked up on frames for photos, prints and other things I want on our gallery wall.  I'll be using all my skills as a handywoman (sorry F you just don't have it in you!!) over the coming weeks as I put the gallery wall together.

I mentioned in my last Spending Hiatus post about how I was going through all my things and reinventing their use and moving things around. I'm having a ball doing that, in fact it is my new addiction that has replaced shopping. Once I've done all that needs doing and I'm happy with how our home looks, I'll do a little house tour of my home (probably in a month's time).

One of the things I did was use a leftover piece of felt from a craft session with the boys as a table runner (images above).  It was a small piece (it should be longer given the length of the table). I trimmed it, added some tea lights (a wedding present still in its box!!) plus some bud vases I bought last year with fake flowers from my mum's place (she said she got them from Spotlight).  I'm pretty pleased with how this little project turned out.  I may change the centrepiece soon, add a small fishbowl vase I have and fill it with pinecones (for an autumnal vignette).  The possibilities are endless when you just look around at what you already own and use a bit of imagination.

One more week of the official hiatus, it is looking good.

It is a long weekend here, so I'll be back on Tuesday. Have a happy day and a great weekend.


  1. Isn't repurposing so fulfilling! I love your red felt table display and I can't wait for your home tour (your dining table is gorgeous and looks great with your white chairs). Have a great Anzac long weekend Engracia.

  2. Looks great, red is definitely your colour. Did you hear it's forecast to be 29 degrees tomorrow and the boys are dressing up as Batman (x2) and Spiderman!! They'll roast!

  3. I can't wait to see you gallery wall! This is so exciting!