21 April 2010

This and That

Oh what a gorgeous paper doll house I found in my inbox this morning, I just had to share it.  You'll find it at Upon a Fold.

Following on from the house above, you've probably seen this beautiful letterpress version around blogland, but I couldn't resist showing it again.

How impressive is that Icelandic volcano causing a bit of a fuss for travellers. Mother Nature is just spectacular.

A new to me blog I've been reading, a cabin renovation in Norway plus lots of lovely Scandinavian interiors.

Another new to me blog by a very talented stay at home dad.

Finally some music from my favourite current band.

Have a happy day.


  1. Great post. It ALMOST makes me wish I had small kids again!

  2. Love your 'this and that' Engracia:) I love Joel's blog too, he is so creative! thanks for sharing, I will have to follow these links when I get bored with my assignment...;) Hope you have a fabulous day ~ Tina xx

  3. Super cute paper house...I always wanted one as a little girl..and I still think it would be a great little project to start...just for me..and deck it out!
    Love the music link you added...awesome..always love learning about new artists and these guys sound great..love thier interactive website too..very clever. Thanks for sharing honey...hope you have a great rest of the week x

  4. Love that scandinavian cabin blog. another one for my long list of daily reads. Thanks for the pointer.

  5. I saw Joel's Blog yesterday! Isn't he fantastic? That photo of the volcanic eruption is stunning, can you imagine being stuck in an airport with screaming kids though!?!

  6. Wow, that volcano photo is amazing! So beautiful. Our next door neighbour's mother was meant to be flying back home to Denmark today... I wonder when it will clear for her and all the thousands of others stranded.
    I have to go check joel's blog out, I keep hearing him mentioned by other bloggers and just haven't gotten the chance to check him out.
    I hope you're having a great week Engracia. I've been meaning to ask you, do you ever go to the park on Clanville rd, roseville? as I've been taking Will there recently (enclosed and softplay floor) it would be so nice to meet up one day for our boys to play :)
    Have a great afternoon,

  7. Love this post Engracia! And that scandinavian cabin - delicious! Kerri xx

  8. scandinavian cabin, thank you:) and the little house! how great! and the volcano! :( we are not happy about it:(