13 May 2010


Stunning flashcards that illustrate all that childhood should be

For your boy

For your girl

If you speak Portuguese...

Alphabet book yesterday and alphabet prints (a few flash cards and a quilt) today and in a variety of languages. Enjoy.

Have a happy day.


  1. We have the Ida Perle set hanging in our playroom. What is it about the alphabet that is so captivating.

  2. These are all so gorgeous Engracia! I love the 'girly' one and of course the French one...ok and the Spanish one...and the arabic one...I love them all:) Thanks for sharing, I just love your smitten posts:) Hope you are having a fabulous week my lovely friend. Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  3. Great collection - especially love the Arabic one, it's like a piece of artwork.