16 June 2010

Pretty Things and a Homemade Thing

Today I caught up with a girlfriend of mine who is a very talented lady. She designs and makes resin jewelery and homewares. I already owned a few rings and have now added a pendant from her new range as well as the beautiful plate which will find its place on the coffee table in the "winter" room.

This little top I made up this afternoon. It is a lovely soft flannel and so warm, perfect for a winter day by the sea, yes planning on heading back today with J and Dada. Over the weekend I made some pillows which I will post as soon as I buy the inserts. They are for the "winter" room, some of the pillows in there at the moment are to be moved to my bedroom.

J has his first Occupational Therapy assessment session this morning. I am hoping that we will receive a positive review of what his needs in this area of treatment will be.

Oh, and Schnitzel came home yesterday evening.  She's bandaged on two legs so I won't post a picture.  She's doing really well, weight bearing on the broken leg already.  We're glad to have her home.

Have a happy day.


  1. Your friend's resin pieces are lovely. I really like the top you made, sounds perfect for this cooler weather. Glad to hear Schnitzel is doing well. Give him a big cuddle for me. Hope J's OT assessment goes well today x

  2. Wow, fantastic top Engracia! You're a talented seamstress too! Love the resin necklace and bowl.
    I'm so glad Schnitzel is home and on the mend, poor little pup. I hope J's OT goes well today!

  3. You are very clever, the top looks great. The resin necklaces are lovely. Hopefully J's assessment will give you lots of good ideas for activities to work on.

  4. Wow - you made the top! How blimmin' impressive is that! And it is SO cute. Loving the resin things as well. Pleased schnitzel is home, and sending you positive thoughts for J's OT assessment. Take care, Annie