08 June 2010

Woolly Wonders

Inspired by some of the Aussie blogs I read which have been posting about knitting, I have decided to embrace one of the winter crafts. There is a local knitting shop which also provides classes for a beginner like me, so I'll be enrolling in one I can do before our trip to Europe (only 4.5 weeks to go, yeah).  I popped into my local bookshop on Saturday and picked up the above book. It is a stunning book with  simple diagrams and beautiful projects designed for a beginner, I highly recommend it.

Yesterday morning while driving J to kindy I was listening to one of my favourite radio stations when they launched the 2010 Knit In, an annual event where volunteers knit squares to create wraps which are donated to the Wrap with Love cause. This organisation, since 1992, has donated almost 222,000 wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia, to help ward off hypothermia. What a moment of serendipity to have turned to this radio station after I had decided to take up knitting, don't you agree? The Knit In is on for two months, so with my new book in hand, I'm going to knit a square or two before I head off to the warm sun of the Northern Hemisphere.

While at the bookshop I also picked up this book recommended by Jodi. I started it last night and so far have loved what I have read, thanks Jodi. Another read recommended by Jodi is a new blog, The Wool Maker. A gorgeous blog of family life captured in beautiful photographs.

Off to the zoo today with L and his kindy friends and mums, looking forward to it.

Have a happy day.


  1. Enjoy your knitting Engracia, it is one of my favourite pastimes! Hope you and your little L had a wonderful day at the zoo. ~ Tina xx

  2. I love a winter craft. Tina has be crochetting string baskets at the moment. Murder on your fingers, but the result is great. Enjoy the knitting. Keep us posted on the Reading by moonlight book. I am always on the lookout for books to suggest for my book club.

  3. looking forward to seeing some of your crafting.

  4. How ironic to hear that on the radio after you decided to take up knitting. What a great initiative. Hope you enjoy your new craft and had a great time at the zoo.

  5. oh oh oh I have to read that book it sounds really good! Thanks for sharing.