05 July 2010

Happiness Is

Last month I was the lucky recipient of two awards: The Happy 101 from My Sweet Prints and The Versatile Blogger from Let's Go Moerkabout!

First, a big, if rather late, thank you for the award.  I know I have said this before, but I never expected any followers when I started this blog and I have "met" some really wonderful ladies across the world.  I have had the great pleasure of actually meeting on a number of occasions Janette from My Sweet Prints (she lives in the next suburb) and hope one day to meet many more of you in person (even those of you overseas, especially if you live in the States, I am planning a trip there later in the year to visit my sister in Seattle). This is my long winded way of saying thank you to my followers and readers who comment and to those who are to shy to comment but still pop in for a visit.

Secondly, as a recipient of these two awards, I am now meant to post 10 things that make me happy, so here goes.

1. My Family

My mum and dad, siblings, husband and boys.  This group of individuals give me more happiness, love and understanding than I can ever describe. I only hope that what I give in return is just as wonderful for them.

2. Motherhood

I'm going to be honest, I have found motherhood really tough. The sleepless nights, the worrying about their happiness and wellbeing, their future in a world which sometimes isn't too nice. I worry about J and how he will cope with life as he gets older, will he ever overcome his developmental difficulties. But there is no way in the world I would trade my life today for that of the life I led before L was born. Motherhood has taught me many things (patience ISN'T one of them I must admit) and the thing I most value about motherhood is the magic of unconditional love. I don't think there is anything like it in the world.

3. Books

Whether for escapism, education or eye candy, I just love books.  I spend a lot of money on books, new, vintage, thrifted, swapped or received as gifts.  I love my books so much I can't lend them, I feel they are a part of me, it would be like chopping a limb off me and handing it over to someone. I think my love started when I was a little girl and every week as part of her weekly grocery shop, mum would buy us all a little gift, for me it was a Little Golden Book. I still have many books from my childhood, including the Little Golden Books, which I share with the boys. I see glimpses of that same love in them and you can imagine how happy that makes me feel.

4. Breakfast

You can probably tell from my weekly menu posts that I like food a lot and of course I enjoy cooking it, I find it relaxing and creative.  I have to confess my favourite meal of the day is the first, but especially if it has been prepared by someone else.  Yes I would rather go out to brekkie than to lunch or dinner.  It can be as simple as scrambled eggs on toast (my favourite) to pancakes, or porridge, or ham and cheese croissant. I just love sitting down to a lovely meal first thing in the morning. 

The reality of my breakfasts is nothing like this though: a couple of pieces of toast with a cup of tea on the run and prepared by me.  I look forward to the day when the boys can get themselves ready for school and I drop them off or they go themselves while I head off to the local cafe for a cooked breakfast like the one pictured above. It is the simple things ladies, the simple things.

5. Lists

An organised life is a happy life, well for me anyway. So lists, charts, diaries and notebooks are everywhere in my house. I'm not talking electronic tools, all on paper, so pens and pencils are also everywhere. I have always been this way, I had a chart in my bedroom (which I shared with my sisters) for shutting curtains, turning off lights and closing the door to our room. Yes I was slightly retentive as a kid!!!!!! I am so much more relaxed since having kids (one of the gifts of Motherhood for me), but I still like to maintain some level of tidiness, organisation and schedule to our little household.

6. Summer

Sun, warmth, beaches, sand, sundresses, shorts, thongs (those toy wear on your feet), that is how I like to live. I grew up on the beach, our summers are pretty long and winters mild here. We lived near the beach so many days spent playing in the sea. There is no more perfect time than those long days of summer.

7. Chocolate

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do like to have a few squares of dark chocolate (my preference is for Lindt) every night after the boys have gone to bed.

8. Sewing

(Source unknown, please contact me if you know the source)

I really enjoy the sewing, apart from the crafting I do with the boys, nothing gets my juices going quite like putting something together from some material and string. A great way for me to relax.

9. Frangipani

My favourite flower, it reminds me of summer, my honeymoon and my hometown Sydney.

10. Paris Perfume

My favourite perfume, I wear everyday.  Makes me feel so girly and groomed everyday, even when I look frazzled from everyday life.

There, all done.

I'm supposed to pass this on, if you're up to it (don't feel obliged) I would like to pass the Happy 101 Award to Annie of Elsa May.

Have a happy day.


  1. These lists are always so interesting.

    And you know what:

    1. I have found motherhood v hard too.

    2. I have two squares of Lindt most nights after dinner too. In fact when we run out I feel a bit panicky.


  2. Great post. Oh I wish I could limit myself to just a few squares of chocolate a day, I'm addicted! Although my tastes are less refined, Twix is my thing! Forgot to mention on the phone that I picked up a salt and pepper set for you, they're not in the shape of cows but have a cow print on them if that's bovine enough for you?

  3. Yikes! Thank you ever so much for passing the Happy 101 to me! I'm so flattered that you thought of me, and...um...a wee bit panic stricken by the thought of posting ten things that make me happy :) But I'm up for it! I loved your list - I adore frangipani, lindt chocolate and confess to being a chronic list maker as well.... I hope your week is off to a good start! Take care, Annie. And thanks again :)

  4. me too! same chocolate same time.

  5. Congratulations Engracia on your fabulous award :) It was wonderful learning these things about you my friend. I totally agree with you about motherhood being the toughest job, I have also found it to be very tough. I can see that you are a such wonderful Mama though! I love frangipanis and I love Paris perfume :) Hope that you are having a wonderful week. Not long until your trip! So excited for you ~ Txx

  6. Congratulations on your awards Engracia - you deserve them - I so love your blog and always enjoy reading your posts, this one included! I too am a list maker and constantly cross things off and re-write new lists for all different parts of our daily life. I also enjoy some dark chocolate after tea :)