07 July 2010


I have been tagged, by Brooke of Pure and Noble.  I have to provide three answers to a series of questions (yes a week of revealing a bit about myself). Here we go again...

Three Names I Go By


Three Places I Have Been

New Zealand, one of the most beautiful places on earth

Italy, so romantic

New York City, enough said

Three Favourite Drinks

Champagne, my drink of choice

Tea to start my day and beyond

Water, plenty of it

Three Jobs I Have Had

Solicitor (lawyer) for most of my working life

Book publisher for about 6 years (loved it)

Mama, toughest but best job by far

Three TV Shows I Watch

The news

Grand Designs, one day I want to design and build my own home on a country beach

Brothers & Sisters, pure escapist fluff I love it

Three Places I Would Like to Visit

Brazil, would be nice to pop in meet some of my cousins

South Africa, I've been seduced by the World Cup coverage

Kakadu National Park, I'm really keen to discover this place with the boys in a few years

Three Favourite Retro TV Shows

Three Places I Have Lived

Potts Point, Sydney

Paddington, Sydney

Three Favourite Dishes

Vincisgrassi from Buzo Restaurant, a lasagna with porcinni mushrooms, prosciutto and truffle, so good I always take home an extra serving (try this recipe by Nigel Slater or if you own it, The Silver Spoon version)

Three Things I am Looking Forward To

The trip to France and Portugal with hubby and the boys
Having a romantic dinner with F in Paris (we've been to Paris many times but this is our first trip together)
Watching my boys grow into wonderful, caring and decent adults

I am supposed to tag three people, but I'm just going to tag one, Jane from My Pear Tree House (no obligation Jane, but over to you).

Have a happy day.


  1. Nice to meet you :)Bonjour from France!

  2. really enjoyed your last couple posts...I love that you had a list for closing curtains as a child:):) have a great week!

  3. Lovely post Engracia. I hope you're enjoying your week! Jxx

  4. Hooray! xoxoxoxo for doing this. I know we chat offline sometimes, but these are like first date questions that I would never think to ask you! I love it! Thank you thank you for playing along! xo

  5. Lovely list - so nice to know more about you :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post of yours Engracia and getting to know a bit more about you. What interesting jobs you've had, lovely places you've lived in and wonderful trips you've had :)