25 November 2010


Oh dear, I've been AWOL, haven't I? So sorry, been terribly busy around here with the little ones, overseas guests, lead up to Xmas and end of our school year.  The beach has been our go to place lately, so who wants to sit indoors at a computer.

Will be slow here over the next few months and I'm thinking of refocusing my blog for next year, how?  Not sure.  I appreciate your loyalty, patience and friendship so I hope you will stay with me.

I finally downloaded and sorted through my photos from our Portuguese leg of our holiday back in August!  Most are of  extended family shots and due to the extreme heat (35C-40C) every day that we were there, not much site seeing was done, we spent a lot of our Portuguese holiday by the beach and pool.  The boys were not interested in site seeing either so we accepted that fact and just enjoyed the trip as a summer holiday rather than a cultural holiday.

So a few shots of some things we got up to in my ancestral lands.

Roman ruins of Conimbriga

The university city of Coimbra

The boys and I with mum and her brother overlooking the Coimbra from his penthouse garden

A Bronze Age hut just outside my mum's childhood town

Praia Grande, near Lisbon which had a 100 metre pool

A night at a bullfight in Lisbon which is done on horseback, the dressage horses are beautiful and amazing(while the bulls are not killed in the ring, the animals are still hurt, so I felt squeamish and guilty) and yes that is a man throwing himself at a bull, they are known as forcados

Picnic with all my aunts, uncles and cousins

I'll be back soon.

Have a happy day and Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.


  1. Glad to see you back here Engracia! Thanks for sharing your photos with us all - was nice to see some of the lovely places you've visited. That pool looks amazing!! I look forward to seeing where you're thinking of heading with your blog - I did a blogging course this year which has helped me find more of a focus for my blog and given me a few ideas of things I'd like to implement when I get a chance.

  2. So nice to see you Engracia, I was only thinking of you today as I drove past the boys school :)
    Your photos are amazing, portugal looks so beautiful and I would have loved to see the Bronze Age hut - amazing!
    I'll look forward to seeing how your blog eveolves next year, sounds exciting!
    Have a great week,

  3. Lovely to see you back - I stop by every now and then to see if you're here. Gosh those photos - I can almost feel the searing heat coming off them - Portugal looks incredible! It sounds like you're enjoying life (and summer!) which is lovely - I look forward to seeing how things evolve here on Lynwood Musings :) Have a wonderful weekend. Best, Annie

  4. Great photos Engracia, Portugal is really beautiful! Isn't this weather fab?