05 January 2011

Happy New Year For Those In Need

Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope your passage into 2011 was as lovely as ours was.  A casual party at friends' place around the corner and the kids almost made it to midnight. L was wide awake though and keen to see the fireworks, so we went home and watched them on TV.  They were spectacular as usual, the Sydney Harbour and it's world famous icons (the Bridge and the Opera House) make a fantastic backdrop for the fireworks as the above image shows.

We are still enjoying the boys holidays and the weather has been good to our summer holiday.  However, not everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2011 as we are.  Please spare a thought and maybe some cash for the victims of the Queensland floods.  We have just celebrated a time of year which is about peace and goodwill and of course gift giving. So if you can give go to your local major (Australian) bank or to www.qld.gov.au/floods for further information on how you can help.

Happy New Year.

All image: The Sydney Morning Herald


  1. Oh Engracia, the floods really are devastating. I just can't begin to imagine the scale of this disaster. What a thoughtful post, and we will certainly be doing our bit to help out. Happy New Year to you and yours. Deb

  2. Happy New Year to you too Engracia! And hooray for you for posting on the Queensland floods - so devastating. Enjoy the rest of your hols and may 2011 be a wonderful year for you and your family.

  3. ....and we thought ours were bad!!!
    We've only lost crops and roads. I feel desperate for those families whose homes have been inundated and now face maybe worse with the expected rain in the next three days!
    Have a wonderful 2011 xx ~ J

  4. Oh, it is heart breaking isn't it. So much devastation and loss. Best wishes for 2011. Emma

  5. It is so devastating to hear about what the people in Queensland are going through - my thoughts + prayers are with them. Thanks for bringing more attention to it here. I hope you're enjoying the new year so far!

  6. we remain still over here as it continues to rain and we watch the devastation on the news.