09 July 2011

Bula, Bula

Hi everyone, we're back from beautiful Fiji.  It was so much fun and hot and sunny (well there was that one day of torrential rain and cyclonic winds).  Lots of magical moments with our family and the two families we went with.  I highly recommend holidaying with family friends, especially if they have children of the same or similar ages, it just works really well for both adults and the kids.

While the trip wasn't without its challenges given our little one's aversion to being away from his home comforts, all of us had a wonderful time doing wonderful things like ...

Family snaps with both Mum and Dad.

A bit of Kava drinking for Dad.

The boys "got jiggy with it" Polynesian style.

Looking at "fishies" in a glass bottomed boat (don't recommend this if you suffer from claustrophobia)

Dad and the other dads caught us dinner one very early morning, it was delicious.

Of course there was plenty of pool work.

Followed by some Sudoku with Dad.

Lots of sitting here where we read and enjoyed the following view:

Wherever you love, I hope you are having a lovely day. See you soon.


  1. Hi Engracia. Your holiday looks absolutely fabulous:) The pics of your little men 'getting jiggy with it' are so gorgeous:) It is so lovely to see a post from you. Wishing you a wonderful 'rest of the weekend' ~ Tina xx

  2. Welcome back, I'm so glad you had a fantastic holiday. And what about the absolute cuteness of L and J in their Polynesian dancing outfits!!!

  3. oh it looks positively wonderful - that beach! Nervous moments aside it looks like you had a super time. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods - thank you for your sweet notes - our trip has gone well so far, although we have had our moments with the boys, especially Mu who does not cope as well as his brother with sudden change when he is out of his 'comfort-zone', but overall it's been pretty good. Pleased to see you back blogging - I always enjoy reading your posts. Take care, Annie x