19 January 2010

A Look Inside

Images courtesy McGrath

The gorgeous home of designer Collete Dinigan in the inner Sydney suburb of Paddington. I love how it is bright and airy and of course exquisitely decorated. And what a lovely pool and garden Ms Dinigan looks out onto.

I could be very happy here, and why not, it is up for sale. Now where did I put those spare millions?

Have a happy day.


  1. Hi Engracia - Thanks for the sneak peak!! I love, love ,love it!! Hmm maybe if we all pool our spare millions we would stand a chance ;) Have a lovely Tuesday - Tina x

  2. What a beautiful home! Stunning. Gee I would love to be able to create like this.
    While I'm learning the ropes of blogging, I don't know how you take photos from a web site and then post onto your blog. Could you please pass on some tips to me please??? I've managed to figure out how to post my own photos but am having a few struggles with pics from the web :( Many thanks.

  3. Eeeep! I adore Collette's 'soon to be ex' house - thanks ever so much for sharing. Hope you're having a fun day!

  4. I'm always intirgued by the gorgeous homes in Paddington - I always wonder what it's like inside those lovely places so thanks for sharing this sneak peek x