18 January 2010

What's For Dinner

Photo by Chris Court courtesy of Donna Hay

My husband and I have decided start a diet of sorts. The aim to lose 4% of our current weight (about 2.5kg for me) in 6 weeks by ramping up the exercise (for me actually doing some, so back to the gym it is) and eating lighter meals.

The kids of course will still get their usual food (we're still at the experimentation stage), growing active and skinny boys need as much high kilojoule food as their parents can manage to feed them!!

So the next 6 weeks it will mainly be salads, chicken and fish dishes for F and I. Wish me luck.

Monday - Toasted pine nut and seet potato salad
Wednesday - Garlic and tomato simmered beans, herb roasted tomatoes and Tunisian carrot salad
Thursday - Prawn salad with avocado salsa and tomato dressing
Friday - Mediterranean lentil saladSaturday - Slow cooked salmon salad with basil mayonaise

1 comment:

  1. It all sounds delicious, I really need to go on a healthy eating kick too after my Xmas excesses!