28 January 2010

A Look Inside

We dream about one day buying a beach house, I would like it to be on Sydney's Northern Beaches. It is only 20 minutes from where we live but because it is on a peninsula it might as well be an hour away. I would drive up every Friday afternoon with the boys and F would meet us up there after work. Perfect scenario.
A couple of months ago while surfing property sites I found the house above in Newport. Absolute beachfront, check. Own path and gate to beach from garden, check. A very nice kitchen, check. Lots of rooms to fit all the family and friends who would come up and we still wouldn't get in each others way, check. A steam room (!!!), check. A surfboard shack at the bottom of the garden, check.
Unfortunately I missed the boat, someone else snapped it up before I could hock the family jewels. I guess I'll just keep on searching.
Images courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. That house is amazing Engracia! We had some friends who lived in Avalon but worked in the city and the commute was a killer! But if you didn't have to do that commute (especially on a Friday night after dinner out ;P) then how wonderful would it be! I would like a little house (ha ha) at Whale Beach or Palm beach, we used to drive up there most Sundays for the day when we lived in Sydney! Lovely post - gorgeous house! Hope you get your wish one day! Have a lovely day :) - Tina xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! So very beautiful and perfect in everyway. I strongly believe in having dreams to aspire to.

  3. I saw this one too and have all the images in my "inspiration folder", fabulous!