13 January 2010

Thrifted Treasure

I love vintage, however I'm not very good at searching through flea markets or thrift stores for all the hidden treasures. I don't have the patience to sort through all the dusty bins and mountains of things to find something I might like.
My mother was a master at it and she has beautiful pieces she has collected over the years. I remember she found 3 pink toy bassinets in pristine condition which my sisters and I received one Christmas as little girls. I saw one the other day on Etsy for US$72!! A childhood treasure indeed.
My friend A is another master of the thrifted treasure, and she has a blog called funnily enough Thrifted Treasure which is about to celebrate it's first anniversary. Above are some of her finds that she has documented. I love seeing what she has found and it makes me wish I had the touch. Pop on over for a fun look and see her lovely giveaway to celebrate her blog's birthday.
Have a happy day.


  1. I am dying for a decent vintage map and/or globe for the boys' room. Great finds!

  2. So am I Nichole, they are hard to find and I'm such an impatient searcher, may find something when I go to Paris in July. Fingers crossed.

  3. What a fabulous post Engracia. I love the little green jug! I am also sure that I had an identical school case to the green one in the last picture when I was little, only mine was dark yellow...Oh the memories ;)! I will pop on over to Thrifted Treasure to have a look! Have a lovely day - Tx

  4. Engracia Hi! Much to my delight I have found your blog via Homely One. I am a novice blogger and finding my feet. You're off on a wonderful beginning! Am looking forward to following your journey :)

  5. Hi Engracia, thanks so much for this very lovely post!! I am really enjoying your blog and will be posting about it next week if you don't mind?

  6. Hi TT, that is lovely, I don't mind at all. Sorry about not popping over yeaterday, I got delayed getting school shoes and haircuts for the boys. I'll do it on Monday after I drop J at daycare.
    Hope your having a great weekend.