18 February 2010

Little Fashion

Images above: Seed

Images above: Townmouse

In my inbox this morning was a message announcing the arrival of winter at one of my favourite children's wear designer Seed. I love the style of clothes they design for children, classic but with a bit of a street edge. It is my go to place for everyday wear that won't fall apart after it's first wash.
For something extra special with a French sensibility I head over to Townmouse. Kristine Lempiere designs the most beautiful clothes for children with quality materials and exquisite detailing. The clothes may look too good to play in, but let me tell you I have bought some of her boys' shirts and the rough and tumble games (and mud) hasn't made a difference to the look of their shirts such is their quality.
It is really not surprising her clothes can stand up to a typical child's play, Kristine has 3 divine boys and a beautiful baby girl. Kristine also has a great blog where you can see how she designs and where she takes her inspiration from when designing for her label, plus she lovingly shares her family life. Pop on over it will become a regular read just as it is for me.
Have a happy day.


  1. I'm also a great lover of Seed. Engracia, thank you for sharing details of Townmouse. I find it difficult to find nice, classical, clothing for my boys. A designer who is also a mother to boys, fantastic!!

  2. I love Seed too! I think Will would look really cute in that grey knitted beanie for winter. I'll have to check it out when I'm next at the Chase.
    Thanks for sharing Engracia!
    Janette x

  3. I too love Seed - their designs are always such lovely styles. Have you ever bought any of the womeswear from Seed? Townmouse is another of my favourites - such pretty clothes for little girls. You have great taste!!

  4. Oh I haven't hear of Seed, but I love Townmouse!! Kristine makes the most exquisite clothes and I love her blog! Thanks for sharing Engracia, I am off to have a look at Seed :) Have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  5. I had never heard of Seed but I love their collection! I am sending a link to my sister-in-law who likes to buy clothes online for my niece. Thanks!

  6. so sweet -- i always just love cute kid's clothing!