17 February 2010


My idea of a perfect little girl's room via Cookie Magazine

Rugs: Ikea and Designer Rugs

Monkey for a cheeky little girl

To encourage exploration of the world

Love the colour of this canvas

Her first teddy to cuddle

A fabulous bed to have sweet dreams

Now I know my ABC

Lovely bedlinen

I couldn't choose between the egg chair, bean bag or womb chair for her reading time

I love kites

A pretty cushion

A pretty lamp

A gorgeous baby memento

A stunning quilt made of vintage materials to throw on the bed

A feminine mirror

What little girl doesn't love pom poms

The quintessential vintage rocking horse

A stunning mobile of origami cranes

A modern take on the dolls house

I love babushkas dolls

I spent my Canberra weekend in my girlfriend's 7 year old daughter's room. I haven't slept in a girlie room since I bade farewell to my bedroom that I shared with my sisters when I left school for university.
My sister has little girl so I have been exposed to a few girl items recently and I thought about how I would decorate a room for a daughter of mine. I do hope you enjoyed my trip down the land of pink and red.
Have a happy day.


  1. Gorgeous choices, especially love the beanbag. I was a real tomboy growing up (I'm sure you're not shocked) so I don't think I'd know what to do with a girlie girl if I had one!!

  2. A lovely selection of items. I love that canvas and bedlinen x

  3. What a gorgeous room you have created Engracia! I am always looking at girls' rooms and the items you have selected are just beautiful!!! Love it :) ~ Tina x

  4. Oh...everything is just so gorgeous...Jacq has a mobile of Origami Cranes that his daddy made for him..and also has that striped monkey in black and white..he loves it! Great post...hope you are well x