25 February 2010

Lona de Anna

Anna is giving you a chance to own this lovely book collection on her blog

I just love the blogosphere, not only are there people who share with us their wonderful interests and ideas, but there are also those who actually give away treasures.
Lona de Anna is one such lady, she has a great blog that I read everyday. Anna's blog is about design and she chooses some great images that I have never seen before. Anna also invites us into her life (she is a design student), her home (some great makeovers) and family life (she has a baby boy Jacq, so adorable). This week Anna is hosting a giveaway and she has a lovely one, so pop on over and enjoy Anna's treasures. I've posted a few images from recent posts, just to give you a taste.
Have a happy day.


  1. Great post Engracia!! Anna certainly is one of the great treasures of the blogging world:) I love her blog too and it is an absolute daily must for me to read. What a gorgeous giveaway from a gorgeous blogger!! Good luck to you for the draw Engracia:) Have a lovely Thursday ~ Tina x

  2. Ooooooh...you are just too much!! Thank you darling girl..you are the sweetest...Thank you so much x

    p.s thanks tina for the lovely words..your a treasure x