24 February 2010


My boys just love riding their bikes/trikes. Everyday they jump on the bike after school after a yummy snack of course. Even though the last two weeks it has been incredibly hot and humid, they are still riding around on their bikes working up a sweat. Then they jump into the pool. They have a really lovely life, it makes me so happy to see them running around laughing as they chase each other on their wheels.

So this week in their honour:

Wheely stationery

Breakfast on the run

A "chalk board" print for your teenager's room

Cute wedding invitation

If you are moving

Funky coasters for the bike mad man in your life

Great prints for the playroom

These tea towels are so cute (they have sold out, but there are other lovely things in this store)

Parisian bike, what more do I need to say

Time on the go

Whether you wear silver...

Or gold

On your bike to get the groceries

I really want this stamp

What a great colour

This candle also comes in yellow

Storage for the boys toys or books

For the house keys


  1. Your boys sound so cute. Kids lead such an easy life!
    Bicycle designs are such a favorite of mine...I like those tea towels (glad you shared, hope they'll restock them soon!).

  2. Aren't they just the cutest...Boys are just so full of energy..its so amazing and enjoyable to just sit and watch them sometimes..I just love watching Jacq play..and think..and eat..and sleep...everything about them is just so precious. Love the bicycle theme...I have a little print in Jacq's room that I recently put up and love it. Great post Engracia...hope you are well x

  3. Oooo... I love the letterpress 'we're moving' stationery! Stunning. Beautiful line-up Engracia. Your boys are so cute!
    Janette x

  4. Gorgeous pics of your sweet boys Engracia!! My hubby is a cyclist and I am sure he would love many of these fantastic items!! I am thinking that chalkboard print for Father's Day??? Thanks for some great inspiration yet again Engracia ~ Tina xx

  5. Great post Engracia! Love the cute candle... in fact love all the items you've posted :)