03 February 2010


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A Favourite

A comment made about this week's house peek, highlighted the fact that one of the things that I loved about it was the typography it used as decor. A look back at one of my inspiration files revealed that I had saved many pictures about typography. The above are just a few I really like.

Have a happy day.


  1. Thank you Engracia for including my Bedtime Bus Roll Poster in your line-up of all things typographical! As I was scrolling down drooling over each one I was like 'Oh! that one looks famililar!' Thanks, Janette x

  2. And I LOVE that bedtime bus roll poster. I must have one!! (Oh dear that sounded very spoilt). Lovely post. xoxo

  3. Fantastic images Engracia :) I love Janette's bedtime bus roll poster (well all of her prints actually!!) and the ampersand burlap cushion is gorgeous, and of course those lovely cross-stitched letters won my heart too:) Thanks for sharing some of your inspiration file with us!! I have certainly been inspired. Have a lovely day Engracia - Tina x

  4. I heart typography too!! The 'font' cards are really cute.

  5. Great post - what a great collection! Loving the framed print from my sweet prints. It would be perfect for my day-dreamy boys :)

  6. I love the top Q print. My husband's name starts with Q and it's so hard to find "Q" things, they usually skip over his letter. :)

  7. Gorgeous picks as always! I love typography too, reminds me of my days a a graphic designer :-) The quail is especially lovely.

  8. Oh I love all of these images Engracia..just love them..I especially love the print from My Sweet prints...would look fab in little jacq's room...so much inspiration on this post..thank you for sharing x