25 March 2010

Sartorially Beautiful

You have probably heard of The Satorialist blog by photographer Scott Schuman. He photographs "beautiful" people usually at fashion shows, but also on the streets of major cities around the world. I follow it religiously because I love to see the great way people put clothes together, it always gives me great ideas about how I can pull something out of my wardrobe and wear it in a more interesting way.

Below are just a few looks I have really liked.

I love the cute red/pink dress amongst the sea of black.

Beautiful red hair contrasted with a luscious green velvet jacket.

Great scarf and hat, I love the masculine look on a woman.

Effortless, I could easily do school pick up in this, even with the wedges, I find them an easy way to wear heels without killing myself.

Quilting and feathers, genius!

It just says summer holidays doesn't it?

Missoni in Sydney.

Love her cute dress and dog and what a cool leash!

This is what I consider to be scandinavian style: effortless and simple.

She just looks so serene and I love how she mixed a cute flippy dress with a masculine, army surplus style jacket.

Love the shoes and how she added a belt, but not the cigarette.

How gorgeous is her necklace, I think this may be her own design (Michelle Jank, and Aussie designer originally from Perth who now lives in Paris). I love her whole look here.

The hair, I want hair like hers.
Have a happy day.


  1. What a great post today Engracia! I love all the images and ideas. I wish I had the skill to put together such amazing looking outfits. My favourite the pink/red dress, I love how it hangs. Thanks for sharing :) I'm off to check out 'the sartorialist'.

  2. Oh I love that dress in the first picture - I want one!! I also love, love, love Michelle Jank's outfit:) Thanks for sharing these pics Engracia, you always find the most beautiful fashion images and they really inspire me to put in that little bit more effort, even if I am just staying at home:) I love your posts!! ~ Tina xx

  3. I love The Satorialist too - it's great seeing the outfits people put together :) Love the 'summer holidays' outfit and the Missoni dress.