26 March 2010

Spending Hiatus - Week Eight

I have reached the end of the original deadline of my little exercise in mindful consumption. It went by really quickly and in general I did OK.

I went back over my posts to see where I had fallen and found to my surprise that I didn't succumb to temptation too many times: the jute rug, the spangly t-shirt (which I am ashamed to say haven't yet worn!!) and J's new lamp (his old one is still in the cupboard waiting to be recovered).

Then there were the sunglasses and the christening gift as well as the face wash, the beautician and hair appointments. While these are big ticket items, I do consider these purchases to be essential.

Using the image above as my illustration, I don't think I've measured up too badly. However I know I can do better, so yes I will continue on for another month. What I want to do is have a good clean out of my home which I started a few weeks ago and then stopped. I want to revive things I find which are in storage and see how they can be repurposed as Joslyn and Janette did this week. I'm excited by the prospect.

Oh and don't you love the measuring sticks above? Such a clever idea, I am trying to work out how I can make one up for my boys, the hiatus plus the $US120 price tag is stopping me from getting my credit card out.

Have a great day and weekend.


  1. Hi Engracia! I think you have done so well, you have definitely inspired me with your posts on your spending hiatus! Good luck for the next month - you are amazing! I hope you and your gorgeous family have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  2. I think you've done really well with your challenge Engracia, better than I'd ever be :) Hope you do just as well next month. Enjoy your weekend x