10 March 2010


Just a few things I'm loving/wanting, some desperately!!

My obsession with cows knows no end and this lovely milker would look lovely in my kitchen.

Yes more cows, but these are so cute.

These glass droplets would look lovely in my garden hanging from one of my trees.

These mid-century lamp bases are simply stunning.

I love the modern twist on the traditional charm bracelet .

A unique baby book that comes with its own treasure box.

I love this delicate porcelain key, a cute twist in my vintage key collection.

A red enamel casserole dish, I just love the colour and shape.

Some loveliness from Country Road.

I love their store, but will have to settle for their books.

Some French delights.

I would love the chair in a yellow frame and the sofa in a charcoal.

I would put this vintage rattan basket by my fireplace with my throws.

This pillow belongs on my bed, no doubt about it.

I think this WC sign is so quirky, I would put it up on the door to my powder room.

Have a happy day.


  1. Such gorgeous things Engracia, I can see why you are smitten:) Loving the WC signs, how cute!! ~ Tina xx

  2. Wow you always find the coolest things Engrazia! Your smitten lists become my 'wish lists' every week. I particularly love the key, bracelet and jug! Have a lovely day, i hope your enjoying this cool change as I am. Janette x

  3. hi I love those WC signs. Have just been to MadeIt and they are sold out!!! Thanks for finding such lovely things (which are actually available here). xoxo

  4. I love WC signs - have them bookmarked in my wishlist folder too :) Love that porcelain key and the French items. Country Road always has such lovely fashion - I was in there today actually - was good and didn't buy anything though :)