01 March 2010

Spending Hiatus - Week Four

Oh, I've been a bit naughty this week. See that lovely jute door rug above, it is brand new. I bought it on Thurday last week at K Mart. I went into the store to buy some craft supplies for the boys and walked out with the rug as well!!!
Why did I buy it, not because I needed one, the old one was doing a perfectly good job and it was still in good condition, wasn't because of the price ($15.00), but because I thought it looked nice!!! Not really what mindful consumption is about really...
Apart from this naughty purchase, I spent only on necessities, groceries and face wash.
After the weekend's organisation and after reading Joslyn's update along with this and this post from Tina, I am itching to get into a major overhaul of our home to clear out closets for goodwill and council clean up and to discover any unfinished and hidden treasures I have lurking in my closets and storage bins. I feel excited just thinking about what may eventuate.
Two examples from Tina's blog which have inspired me.

Tina found this beautiful bowl in one part of her home not really being used and put it in another part and now it is being used purposefully.

This beauty was stored away unfinished in a suitcase and now she has finished it and hopefully gets the use it deserves.
I'm off to soccer with L and then I'll be clearing out drawers and closets.
Have happy day.


  1. I'm so inspired by your hiatus! Despite the rug, I think you're doing beautifully (and it's a lovely rug!).

    I have also been clearing out cupboards and it feels delicious.

    Have fun and good luck!

  2. I loved Tina's little projects too - and so great that the first was something she simply re-purposed. Love your rug. I think you have been very disciplined with your spending and one small purchase is allowed :) There's nothing like having a good clean up and declutter. I have a spare room that is in desperate need for me to do just that... Good luck with sorting through all your drawers and cupboards x

  3. Love your rug..have one similar but a little longer..and got mine from Ikea..but certainly not for $15 thats a bargain too good to refuse.
    Plan to do some culling myself...it feels SO SO good once you have doesnt it..have fun..and have a great week Engracia x

  4. Oh thank you Engracia!! I am so glad I inspire someone, certainly not inspiring myself to do any study today ;) I think you are doing a wonderful job with your spending hiatus and can't wait to see what hidden treasures you find in your home!! Enjoy your treasure hunt ~ Tina x

  5. it was great to read your 7 and what you been up to, thank you for sharing. ..have a good day:)