19 May 2010

A Look Inside

Do you recognise the third and fourth images? I have seen them in magazines and blogs frequently and always loved them and wondered what lucky children slept in that shared room.  Well their father is my second favourite actor Mark Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise Coigney (what a great name). 

I just love the warm eclectic and bohemian vibe they have created in their home with a mixture of contemporary and vintage furnishings. There are some great ideas that I am going to adapt as I slowly continue with the "mindful refreshment" of my home (a resolution from of my spending hiatus).

Have a happy day.

Images: Domino via Black Eiffel


  1. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous home! I love every bit of it! xx

  2. What a gorgeous home - I say 'home' because it looks so warm, welcoming and 'lived-in'. I love its bohemian vibe. Am definitely bookmarking these images :) I love those round chairs in the kid's bedroom.

  3. This home is beautiful! I love the colors and all the different objects, furniture, and art. So refreshing.

  4. very nice...and happy birthday to your little one!

  5. love this style heaps. and ruffalo is gorgeous!

  6. oh, this is a beautiful house! but my favourit part of it i think is the garden!
    thanks for following our blog and finding us :)

    Madame Thé Dansant

  7. Mark Ruffalo is from Wisconsin (like me)! Love these images, and they are enchanting rooms...

  8. Mark Ruffalo is great! His children are named Keen, Bella Noche and Odette!

    I love the fourth image... I think beds set up like that are much sweeter than bunks.