06 May 2010


Yes, I too need a comfy nightgown

I love the whimsy of butterflies

A winter stew will taste even better in this vintage pot

For the family sofa

To add to the gallery wall I am putting together

A cute twist on a classic pendant

I love corsages and this one is a stunner

A reminder of my childhood suburbs every time I dry the dishes

To wear with my jeans, dresses and mini skirts this winter

I would love a monthly letterpress giftbox like this

Personalised stationery never looked so stylish

I just love this

One way or another, this book is ending up on my kitchen bench

In honour of Mother's Day this Sunday I decided to list a few things I would like to receive from the boys.  Of course they don't read this blog so hopefully someone else will!!!

It's is L's turn to make his Mama proud at this morning's Mother's Day Concert and Morning Tea.  I forgot to photograph what J made for me along with the card, it was a necklace of beads, really pretty.  I'll take pictures later after I receive what L makes for me.

Have a happy day.


  1. The boots + nighty.. oh my! Lovely choices :) xx

  2. great list - and so sweet of you to include simplesong cards ... xoxo.

  3. I don't have to shop around anymore I can just visit you. You got me with the boots and the corsage.

  4. All lovely, especially love the boots and cushion, wonder if they make custom designs with 3 boys?