20 May 2010

This and That

"You've just got to have a dream ... and work hard."  Sailing for 210 days, around the globe solo, non-stop and unassisted and only 16 years old.  Congratulations Jessica Watson for living your dream.

The original design was hand embroidered and then scanned to create the most stunning wedding invitations I have ever seen.  More images here.

A new to me blog, Leah's "daily exercise in gratitude"

A peek inside this illustrator's Moleskine notebooks

A beautiful new online magazine

A beautiful doll made from a vintage peg and vintage ticking and denim. A wonderful example of repurposing what you have around your home.

Murder mystery, first love, teenage angst, bigotry, migration, Vietnam War, shattered dreams, bitterness, small town malice, parent/teen relationships and disappointments, heroes.  One of the most beautifully written books I have read, if you want a book you can't put down, get this novel.

Have a happy day.

Still having issues with Blogger, this post took me quite a few hours off and on!


  1. I have to agree about Jasper Jones it is so good I keep putting it down because I don't want it to end.

  2. Love that blog of gratitude, I book marked it. Fryd + Design has been a fav of mine. I love her use of white.

  3. Wow Engracia - what an inspiring collection! I love the thank you notes, the illustrators notebook (amazing!), and have bookmarked the new online magazine. Thank you for sharing so many lovely things, they have lifted the bleakness of a rainy Portland day. Best, Annie :)

  4. Lovely Choices! I used to keep little notebooks like that when I was in art college, think my serial de-cluttering Dad threw them out :-( Jessica Watson's amazing isn't she? We're all sufffering from cabin fever this week, sick boys, was in hospital with H the night before last due an asthma attack, he's never had one before, just a bit of wheezing when he's had a cough, he thought the ambulance was exciting in retrospect, I was shattered all day yesterday! Hope you're having a lovely week, such great news about J :-)

  5. Howe amazing is Jessica! A great girl with a huge future. And i love Leah's gratitude notes, the boys and i have a little game called the grateful game, such an important thing to remember to do everyday!

  6. So much food for thought. I will try and find that book, sounds good.