24 May 2010

What's For Dinner

Wet and cold. That was our weekend and we spent most of the weekend in our "winter" room in front of the open fireplace staying warm, building Lego planes, reading and "gasp"... eating on our "nice" couches.  J had a birthday party, but other than that we stayed in that room all weekend.

So this week for dinner, I thought I would make a few meals that would warm me inside out.

Monday - White bean and vegetable soup
Tuesday - I'm out to dinner so F will have a soup from the freezer
Wednesday - Spaghetti meatballs
Thursday - F is out so I'll have soup from the freezer
Friday - Beef strogonoff and jasmine rice
Sunday - Roast chicken and crispy potatoes with tomato salsa

Now, something I need to confess about these menus. I have had a few comments about how lucky my family is to benefit from these delicious menus.  Let me clear that misconception, only F and I eat these meals.  My boys hate food. I plan to do a separate post/s about this issue, but I am trying to gather up some courage as it is a sad state here when it comes to my boys and food.  Anyway, just getting tense thinking about dinner tonight for them, so I'll stop right here for today.

Bon appetite and have a happy day.


  1. That dish looks absolutely mouth watering. Top is out so I am having soup from the freezer tonight!!!!

  2. Yum, we just had left over roast which was ok. But, I prefer your dinner.

  3. Yum - I've not had beef strogonoff for years! I must try it again. Your comment re your boys and food made me smile. For many, many years our boys ate separately, and different foods from R and me. One in particular was super fussy to the point I could count on one hand the foods he would eat. But just as everyone says - they grow out of it - so hang in there :)