02 December 2010

What Day is It?

Made my first appointment for 2011 this week and had to write it down on a piece of paper as I haven't yet bought a calender or diary for next year.

So this has prompted me to have a scout around the Internet for something practical yet pretty.

A family calendar is essential

A diary version of the family calendar, what a great idea

One for L's room

And another for J's room

Beautiful letterpress for me

I adore this illustrated calendar from Flora Douville

This is stunning

A reminder of my trip to Paris this year

For the kitchen, yummy!

Clever and fun design

To help me keep track of my library borrowings

Finally a showcase of Australian illustrators and their favourite Melbourne and Sydney neighbourhoods

Now, all I have to do is choose.

Have a happy day.


  1. Oh the choices I haven't got one yet.

  2. They're all lovely especially the letterpress ones. We've already got our calendar, the preschool did the fundraising ones featuring the kids' artwork, very cute to have s's painting on display all year.

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  4. Another great selection - I especially like the Kikki K one - thanks for the link. Trying to find a stylish calendar that is also practical (ie. one can write appointments on) is a never ending quest I find. My current calendar has a ever increasing number of post-it notes for 2011 appointments etc....