04 December 2010

And the Countdown Begins

So its the beginning of Summer here which means the final countdown till the Big Guy arrives down our chimney.

We like to start decorating on the 1st December so I have made a start on a few baubles and trims.  The tree will go up next week as I have to fit it in between birthday parties and BBQs on the weekend plus L is super keen to help trim the tree.

I do have our Advent Calendar up, which the boys love, probably because it has a sweet or two in it, OK it has quite a few sweets in it, after all it is Christmas and I rarely give them junk food throughout the year.

I had planned to make our Calendar this year, but time got ahead of me plus I stumbled across this beauty above at our local Op-Shop for $5.00.
Despite my find I still did a quick scout around the Internet and found some great ideas for Advent Calendars:

Cute and how it can be used

A fun creative version

I'm doing this with my boys this year

A paper bag one

You can buy these here, but I think you could easily make them using these found at your local $2 Dollar shop

 A simple DIY version 

 A beautiful homemade felt version

A beautiful linen calendar

A printable version
For the typography lover

So how do you like to countdown to Christmas?

Have a happy day.


  1. What a fab pick up from your Op shop. Bargain of the season!
    Some great ideas there. I think the book idea is excellent and I think I might do the envelope one next year.

  2. Can't believe your great Op shop find!! I have some of the above advent calendars saved in my 'to make' folder for when Grace gets a bit bigger - we must have similar taste :) I used to love Advent calendars as a little girl.

  3. Great find, just your style! We're using the lovely one you gave us last year, the boys love opening the drawers each day to find little cookies :-)

  4. Oh my. i love love love your finds here. So many great ideas! Is it too late to put one up for my boys do ya think? xo

  5. Oh what a great, and inspiring selection. I love the Christmas story each night idea - how cool is that!