15 January 2010

Living the Magic

I don't make New Year resolutions and this year was no different, however inspired by Joslyn's post about the magic in her children's life I am focusing my parenting skills on encouraging the magic in my boys' lives.

Yesterday we went to the local playground and L said something to me that just stopped me in my tracks. He is an confident and assertive child which at times doesn't go down too well with other children who don't know him. I explained to him that he needed to bring his level of enthusiasm down a bit when playing with a few of the children at the playground. When I asked him if he understood what I was saying he said "yes mama, I need to act sensible".

That just blew me away and I immediately felt guilty about quashing his natural magic.

We currently live in a prehistoric jungle where Krakatoa is always exploding with massive lava flows and baby dinosaurs are always hatching, I am of course the mama T-Rex. It is a noisy household, but it is so much fun. This what needs to be encouraged, the world can be a sad place as the Haiti tragedy only too cruelly shows us.

I was reading a terrific story yesterday about this amazing 16 year old girl sailing solo around the world. She's living the magic and while I don't know if I would allow my boys to partake in such an adventure, I really do hope that whatever magic they want to bring to their life, that I am there to encourage it and share it every step of the way.

Have a happy day.


  1. Such a great reminder that magic is important.

    Right now, we live in Egypt with Pharaohs, black cats and camels. And of course, lots and lots of sand. :)

  2. Engracia what a lovely post and your sentiment is something that I always try to achieve too...some days easier than others. We have lived in a beautiful land of all things fairies and princesses for nearly 14 yrs now and I dread the day when that will end... It is so nice to have a reminder from someone else to inspire you. Thanks for the inspiration today Engracia. Have a magical day with your lovely boys (oops dinosaurs)-Tx

  3. such a beautiful post. My daughter has an imaginary friend tiger. he does everything with us and we even had a birthday party for her. my son now talks to tiger too, ha!

  4. These are the precious years for lots of 'magic'. They won't be part of our lives forever. I need to remind myself constantly. I too live in a 'noisy' house with lots of running, jumping, loud voices, laughs and crys! The world for my boys is a very physical one. I too often hear myself squashing their enthusiasm and zest for life. Who am I to interfer with the world they are exploring, discovering and enjoying. Engracia, thanks for the gentle reminder :)

  5. lovely post...and Jessica's story! amazing..

  6. What a beautiful post. I sooo hear you. I try so hard to listen intently and enthusiastically to my boys explain the life cycle of the common garden wasp, how to load a nerf gun and the best way to tackle the deck deck jumps. Every minute is precious! A-M xx