07 December 2010

His & Hers

Alli of Hooray & Brooke of Pure and Noble have recently started a weekly challenge of posting his & hers photos, such a fun idea and they have challenged their readers to join in on the fun, so this is my contribution for this week.
I thought it would be fun to show you how different our bedside tables are despite being so similar.

His is the techno version of a stack of books (on the Kindle) and a digital alarm clock.
Mine is the traditional stack of books and a traditional wind up alarm clock.

I wonder what Alli and Brooke have come up with this week.
Have a happy day.


  1. Oh my gosh... so funny. Exactly the same but different is right! Love it. Thanks for joining in! Keep it up, I love seeing what others are doing too. Helps me get to know everyone through their lovely images! xo

  2. Just saw Brooke's post. Love your interpretation of the his and hers theme!! How very different and yet similar your two bedside tables are :)

  3. ha ha - i love it! i have to say our bedside tables are very similar to yours :)