09 December 2010

Dear Santa ...

I have been pretty good this year and have almost completed my gift buying and have begun the wrapping stage as well.

I am often inspired by Gift Lists in magazines and now of course in blogs,.  In fact a few lucky people in my life will be the recipients of gifts found on blogs as far away as Paris and New York.

I thought I would do something a bit different and put together a list for you, the wonderful woman that you are.

I have listed things that are predominantly Australian as there are plenty of overseas blogs that have other nations covered (my faves this year are Simple Lovely, A Cup of Jo and Design Sponge) and my apologies to non-Sydneysiders, there are a few things found only here, but you can find similar things in your neck of the woods.

So herewith my Chrissie list and happy shopping!


You are a mum, nan, sister, girlfriend, no matter who this lady deserves some special stuff

Like a bit of silver and classic pearls

This calfskin shopper

An annual subscription to one of these companies

Some delicate smalls

This beautiful silk linen jumper

A degustation here or any other excellent restaurant

A day spa in the country

A subscription to your favourite magazines

Special letterpress stationery (not Australian, but Suann ships to Australia and I think this is the most beautiful stationery I have seen and deserves to be on my list)

And finally, my favourite way to be spoiled, a sleep in and brekkie in bed - pure bliss*

No matter what you receive ladies, I hope that it makes you feel special.

Have a happy day.

* Image from here


  1. Any one of those would make me very happy thank you!

  2. Such a beautiful and stylish list Engracia, you never disappoint! I love your style, and if I may...I'll take the silk linen jumper and the breakfast in bed please!! Hugs as always ~ Txx

  3. What a great list and I love that stationery, have just been to her site so thank you ! xo

  4. Very nice list friend! Impressed that you are done with your shopping! Wow! xo

  5. Oooh, a trip to the ballet would be lovely. My mum gave my sister and I tickets for the ballet a couple of years ago. Such a lovely Christmas gift. x x

  6. it seams that a wishlist is the most popular post of all us bloggers in these days!

    see mine here: http://longuette.blogspot.com


  7. pretty please could I have one of each :) what a gorgeous list - and as for the calfskin shopper....well let's just say it's a good thing it's sold out. I hope all your pre-Christmas planning and shopping is in hand, and now that your boys have "finished up" for the hols, that you can relax and enjoy the summer sun!