27 July 2011

The House

I saw this on the news this morning. 
A spine tingling tribute to a grand House by some of our wonderful performing artists and an iconic song.
How I love my city.

This and That

Loving these JCrew maxi dresses, would be perfect for summer evening parties.  Was wondering Jenna, do you think you will ship to Australia any time soon?

Irene from BloesemKids has recently started a beautiful collection of children's pendants suitable for both boys and girls, the one above is my favourite.

A new online magazine and I just love it, I wish I had been quick enough to snaffle up the print version to keep.

A piece of art, this slate cheese board.

I just love the earthy whimsical feel of this room, found in a Californian/Mexican restaurant in Paris.  I'm putting Taqueria Candelaria on my list of must check out when I'm next in Paris.

A really pretty shopper that zips into a pouch you toss in your handbag.

One of my all time favourite totes, lots of room and handy divisions for all my bits and bobs, I used it as a baby bag.

I would love to look at this honey pot every day on my breakfast table.

I'm hoping to watch this movie this weekend, I have a bit of a crush on Ms Tautou.

I just love this house, could happily call it mine.  Then check out their weekender, which you can rent.

Have a wonderful day.

13 July 2011

A Good Book or Two

I have been doing quite a bit of reading this year which I am quite pleased about and have come across some really good reads which I thought I might pass on to my readers.

A wonderful story by a new Australian author. Set in a small New South Wales town just after the Great War and during the Spanish Flu epidemic, this beautiful gothic murder mystery story is about the different ways that people deal with death, grief and heartache.

I read this last year,  and a dear friend recommended Craig's first novel, and interestingly like Bereft, this story about a blind girl and a cello playing hermit also deals about how people deal with loss.  This is a beautifully written story, very lyrical in its style.  Right from the first chapter, it sweeps the reader into a wonderful story of loss and love.  Set during the last weeks of the last millennium in the fishing town of Fremantle Western Australia, Silvey proves himself to be another great Australian author.

A powerful read and a bit controversial in my book club.  I really enjoyed reading this story of the love between a Mother and Child.  Once you got used the "voice" of the book, a 5 year old boy's language is used to tell the story, this was a truly moving book and one that I read in 2 sittings.

As soon as I finished this book, I handed it over to my husband and told him he had to read it. This collection of real life stories highlights how even in today's world women are still the underclass.  The beauty of this book is that it is also a call to action, it lists simple ways that we can all help to bring education, health and prosperity to women across the world, in particular those in developing countries.

I read many fashion and design magazines, you would probably say I am a magazine junkie.  I came across this one, a "women's magazine" and it is fantastic, full of well written articles about interesting women, such as Fatima Bhutto and the cover girl Adele. I'm hooked.

I follow the online version of this wonderful Australian children's magazine and now it is in print, love it. Beautiful photography and styling.

I've bought quite a few of the latest design books and to me this is by far the one that really hit the spot for me.  I have read every single page, and in fact have re-read this book a few times.  It fits in with my decorating style and I've been able to use this as a reference for my home and for our future renovating/redecorating plans.

I know, she is an actress, what could she possibly offer in relation to cooking.  That was what I thought and I only considered buying this book because of a review by this blogger whose opinions I respect.  I still wasn't sure though and I went to my local library first to check it out.  What can I say, it is good, really good.  Gwyneth, I bow at your temple of cooking, good healthy and simple food for the family.

I have also been reading some wonderful children's books with the boys which I will save for another post, so watch this space.

Have a wonderful day.

09 July 2011

Bula, Bula

Hi everyone, we're back from beautiful Fiji.  It was so much fun and hot and sunny (well there was that one day of torrential rain and cyclonic winds).  Lots of magical moments with our family and the two families we went with.  I highly recommend holidaying with family friends, especially if they have children of the same or similar ages, it just works really well for both adults and the kids.

While the trip wasn't without its challenges given our little one's aversion to being away from his home comforts, all of us had a wonderful time doing wonderful things like ...

Family snaps with both Mum and Dad.

A bit of Kava drinking for Dad.

The boys "got jiggy with it" Polynesian style.

Looking at "fishies" in a glass bottomed boat (don't recommend this if you suffer from claustrophobia)

Dad and the other dads caught us dinner one very early morning, it was delicious.

Of course there was plenty of pool work.

Followed by some Sudoku with Dad.

Lots of sitting here where we read and enjoyed the following view:

Wherever you love, I hope you are having a lovely day. See you soon.

11 June 2011

The Best of Intentions

Ah, life it can get so complicated sometimes can't it. 

Especially if you have a child with special needs.  We decided to intensify our little man's therapies both at sessions and at home, and exhausting as it has been for me with his "homework" and taking him to and from his therapists, the fatigue has been worth it as we have seen a remarkable leap in his development.  He is a real little star and we love him to bits.

We are about to start phase two by bringing a therapist into our home for 10 hours every week.  The idea is that by the time he starts school in 18 months that he will no longer need the "shadow" he currently has at preschool and that he will have caught up with his peers.

As it turned out despite all the best intentions of keeping up my daily posts, if only to provide a bit of "me" time with pretty pictures, it became impossible to keep abreast of other blogs let alone keep mine up to date.

But I do miss you all both my readers and also the blogs I like to read and I am determined to  return to the blogosphere. So, I'm back but it won't be daily and it may not even be weekly or monthly but rather intermittently, I hope you don't mind.

In the meantime, here are few pretty things that I'm loving a lot:

To carry my bits and bobs

By day

And by night

It was really wet a few weeks ago

Wishing it was summer

We're off to Fiji in a fortnight, this would be lovely for evenings

Sexy Scandi style

The most stylish height chart ever

And just to end the post with some family stuff:

The boys on their first day of school earlier this year

Comparing their Easter egg finds

On a day trip to the Zig-Zag Railway in the Blue Mountains

Have a happy day and see you soon.